Westminster bankruptcy attorney Catherine Christiansen knows the small town of Westminster California has been hit hard by the economic upheavals of the past five years. With over 90,000 residents, most who work in the school districts, medical, aerospace and retail, many are finding that they need the advice of a bankruptcy attorney.

With over 40% of the residence being children, families and Westminster are facing tough times ahead. The cost of living continues to rise and the threat of layoffs and job loss has created an ever-growing fear within the city. The optimism and enthusiasm of Westminster families and businesses seem to have been slapped in the face because of all of the pressure and burden of making a living and paying off their debt. Because of the political strife and some of the new laws that have taken place, there are those who feel that the situation is only going to get worse.

Many individuals, families and business owners in Westminster California have turned to bankruptcy attorney Catherine Christiansen for help. And they have never been disappointed. From the very beginning, she makes it abundantly clear that there is always hopeā€¦ There is always a way through your situation.

Westminster Chapter 7 Lawyer can help you!

Catherine Christiansen understands the common situations that plagued her clients. Perhaps you have experienced the loss of your job which is caused you to fall behind in your bill paying. Maybe an illness or medical emergency has left you buried in medical bills. There are also those who have not been able to control their spending habits and find that the burden of making payments on their huge credit debt impossible to deal with.

If you are facing any of these financial troubles, or if you fear that financial hardship may be just around the corner, you need to look at the numerous benefits and protections that the bankruptcy law provides to debtors just like you.

Filing a bankruptcy petition may:

  • Completely stop harassing phone calls and letters from creditors, debt collection agencies, and attorneys.
  • Stop any lawsuits from your creditors.
  • Assist in stopping your utilities from shut-offs.
  • Provide protection for bank accounts from creditor attachment.
  • Definitely protect personal property from sheriff levy or seizure.
  • Stop the foreclosure process against your home.
  • Allow you the time you need to apply for mortgage loan refinancing, loan modification, or hardship / assistance programs.
  • Stop the repossession of your car, truck or van.
  • Eliminate huge deficiencies that resulted from earlier repossessed or surrendered vehicles.
  • Completely eliminate credit card debt.
  • Eliminate many or all of your medical bills.
  • Completely eliminate many unsecured personal loans

You definitely owe it to yourself to pick up the phone and set up an absolutely free phone consultation with bankruptcy attorney Catherine Christiansen. All of your questions will be answered and she would give you the best course of action for your particular situation.

Sitting around and wallowing in your despair will make the situation worse. You need to take action right now. There is always an answer to every financial challenge that you face. Bankruptcy attorney Catherine Christiansen can help you right now get a brand-new, fresh financial start.