Why should somebody hire Christiansen Law Offices PC?

We offer non-judgmental conferences.  The last thing someone needs when they are asking for help is for someone to judge them.

My purpose as a bankruptcy attorney is to solve financially distressed persons unsolved problems innovatively and to make the lives of clients a whole lot easier in or out of court.

The unchanging essential tenants/core values of Christiansen Law Offices are to educate our clients about their issues and encourage good decisions.  To be a valued partner in our clients’ lives, to listen to clients tell of their financial problems they are facing with a heart full of His grace, His mercy and His law.  To explain remedies to bring understanding thereby enabling our clients to make good decisions.  We do our best to live by the gold standard – do good unto others as you would want well done to you, to empower productivity in all walks of life starting at stability with personal finances to support a solid family and business life and to continuously improve to win victory without judging or shaming our clients.

Once retained our office is committed to finding the best remedy for our clients.  Each case comes with an individual set of facts and circumstances.  It may be in the clients’ best interest to seek a remedy other than bankruptcy and we are not afraid to let the client know this.

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