Why do I practice bankruptcy law?

I always wanted to be an attorney.  When I was in Junior High School, or ‘Middle School’ as its now called, I practiced opening and closing statements and argued to the jury of stuffed animals in my bedroom.  I won all of my cases, of course.

Like many of you, I experienced hiccups in my life and ended up attending law school as a single mom with a young son.  We survived on income from my work as an independent law clerk; a lot of attorneys had bankruptcy work and little understanding of bankruptcy, so I learned bankruptcy law and procedure, and student loans.  As a law student, I drafted bankruptcy petitions, joined a Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney group called the National Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA), attended my first Continuing Education Conference in San Diego and other Bankruptcy Continuing Education Courses put on by the local bar associations.

By the grace of God, the help of family and friends and a lot of personal sacrifices, I graduated law school and passed the bar on the first try.

While waiting for the bar test results, I continued to work for attorneys in need of help with bankruptcy cases.  When the bar results came out, I opened my own law office.

Over the years, many clients have told me that the work of my office changed their lives for the better.

My purpose as a bankruptcy attorney is to solve financially distressed persons unsolved problems innovatively and to make the lives of clients a whole lot easier in or out of court.

The unchanging essential tenants/core values my law office, Christiansen Law Offices PC, are to educate our clients about their issues and encourage good decisions.  To be a valued partner in our clients’ lives, to listen to clients tell of their financial problems they are facing with a heart full of His grace, His mercy and His law.  To explain the remedies in language that enables our clients to make good decisions.  We do our best to live by the gold standard – do good unto others as you would want well done to you, to empower productivity in all walks of life starting at stability with personal finances, to support solid family and business life, and to continuously improve to win victory without judging or shaming our clients.

My purpose in writing this book is to quell myths about bankruptcy and share the stories of some of the many I have personally known who have filed bankruptcy and have recovered from financial slavery.  Maybe you, or someone you know, could use a fresh start.

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