Christiansen Law Offices PC is different from other law firms in Orange County.

Our job is to listen carefully to you so we understand the facts of your situation and your goals so we can help you find a solution.  At a recent consultation, a single mom’s wages were garnished and prevented her from paying bills and making necessary purchases for her family.  Was bankruptcy right for her?  In this case, the easier and less costly solution was to show the State Court she was exempt from the garnishment based on her low income.   Armed with this knowledge, the next decision for her was to either DIY or hire Christiansen Law Offices to prepare the State Court Papers to stop the garnishment.  She now knows more ways to defend from the garnishment and has the freedom to pick the defense/remedy that suits her situation.

Another person we recently met with was served with a State Court Summons and Complaint on ten-year-old credit card debt that the person believed was paid through a debt consolidation program.  During our conversation it was discovered there were seven more creditors that could and probably would sue.  Court Costs alone to defend are $300 – $400 per answer.  In the past, this person had suffered a financial hiccup and sought resolution through a debt consolidation company.  Having paid the debt consolidation company and a portion of the debts, now, this person must weigh the cost of defending in State Court versus the cost of filing Bankruptcy, which handles all of the debts for one filing fee; and the possible results of judgments and collections, versus the discharge of these debts through bankruptcy without taxable debt forgiveness income.  Once again, our office provided information so this person could choose which proactive course worked for him.

Are you still struggling with overwhelming student loan debt?  Did you ever file a bankruptcy?  If you qualify for a hardship discharge of the balance of your student loans now, you may reopen your old bankruptcy and file an adversary action asking the bankruptcy court to order your student loans discharged.  There are also many other solutions and programs that administratively discharge overwhelming student loan debt.  Maybe one would help you.

Some clients find relief in the structure of a bankruptcy and are finally able to budget monthly and keep their car or home.  Don’t be afraid to find out if this relief may help you.  The relief the Bankruptcy Code offers you is brought to you by congress, because affording financial relief to you actually helps the economy.

Do you need to change the way you are running your personal finances?  One of the warning signs is when you are unable to pay your bills off in 60 days.

The mission of Christiansen Law Offices is to be a light in the darkness and more specifically to listen, analyze, and inform you about your legal issues and, if you choose to use the services of our office, to make the legal process as easy as possible.

Our nation was built on Biblical Standards through the perseverance of our Puritan Ancestors.  Check out Kirk Cameron’s documentary “Monumental” to understand just how these principals work in our Government, at all levels; from Taxpayer to President.

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